Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arz kiya hai...

tum nahii.n Gam nahii.n sharaab nahii.n
aisii tanhaa_ii kaa javaab nahii.n

gahe gahe ise pa.Daa kiije
dil se bahatar ko_ii kitaab nahii.n

jaane kis kis kii maut aa_ii hai aaj
ruKh pe ko_ii naqaab nahii.n

vo karam u.ngaliyo.n pe gi.nte hai.n
zulm kaa jinake kuchh hisaab nahii.n

Saeed Rahi

Meaning of life

Could have alternatively called this - Summary of the Universe

What are we if not sum of empty spaces...and that's why the 'hopeless emptiness' :p

An atom is more than 99% empty space, and the protons and neutrons make up a very small amount of the volume of an atom. Additionally, the electrons are much smaller in proportion to the nucleons (protons and neutrons) than we have depicted. The nucleons are actually about 1800 times the size of an electron.


This was inspired by a beautiful poem by Borges...who is one of my current favorite poets.

Throughout the course of the generations
men constructed the night.
At first she was blindness;
thorns raking bare feet,
fear of wolves.
We shall never know who forged the word
for the interval of shadow
dividing the two twilights;
we shall never know in what age it came to mean
the starry hours.
Others created the myth.
They made her the mother of the unruffled Fates
that spin our destiny,
they sacrificed black ewes to her, and the cock
who crows his own death.
The Chaldeans assigned to her twelve houses;
to Zeno, infinite words.
She took shape from Latin hexameters
and the terror of Pascal.
Luis de Leon saw in her the homeland
of his stricken soul.
Now we feel her to be inexhaustible
like an ancient wine
and no one can gaze on her without vertigo
and time has charged her with eternity.
And to think that she wouldn't exist
except for those fragile instruments, the eyes.

Jorges Luis Borges

After the beast...


Hippos have quite caught the fancy of certain poets, and it is quite a few poets Nash, Eliot, Herford, Belloc or Barrington. (Familiarity ranks high with Nash and Eliot right now). The hippo-cake goes to Nash though. How can one read Nash and not be delighted? Hence, have added my own musings on hippos (the art work :p).
Behold the hippopotamus!
We laugh at how he looks to us,
And yet in
moments dank and grim,
I wonder how we look to him.
Peace, peace, thou
We really look all right to us,
As you no doubt delight the
Of other hippopotami.

Ogden Nash

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Theme-d #5

I saw your face in a crowded place
And I don't know what to do...

To K for his curent favourite song.

Theme-d #4

Theme-d #3

Theme-d #2

Theme-d #1

Was meant to look like howtown...

Monday, August 10, 2009

sun moon stars rain

anyone lived in a pretty how town
(with up so floating many bells down)
spring summer autumn winter
he sang his didn't he danced his did.

he sang his didn't, he danced his did

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let us go then, you and I

When the evening is spread out against the

Like a patient etherized upon a table;

Evening at 30,000 ft

The aim of waking is to dream time of lilacs who proclaim
the aim of waking is to dream,
remember so(forgetting seem)
in times of all sweet things beyond
whatever mind may comprehend,
remember seek(forgetting find)...

Edward Estlin Cummings