Monday, June 9, 2014

Colors defined

Time is a tree, this life one leaf


Black & White

This one is a bit old, made around the time I tried to revive this blog in November 2013.

Count it as an effort - en route to trying to make something different. More I work on brushes, more I realise, free form and landscape are the easier stuff to make than those with geometric boundaries. Something like this can take forever and still turn out imperfect.

Florentine Inspirations (2/2)

Or may I call it a room with a view.
(For the time I stayed in Florence, I woke up to a perfectly framed view from the window. On this day,it was about to rain. Instead of clicking a pic, I tried to revive the lost art of brushing. And glad that I did, after-all, I was in the land of the master and this one to remember it by)

Florentine inspirations (1/2)

Tree combos like these dotted the landscape - Florence & surrounds