Wednesday, December 2, 2015

iPad Pro + Pencil + Fifty Three

K had pre-ordered his iPad Pro. And since day 1, I have been randomly sketching on it when he is not using it.

Here are some of the those pages/sketches from Paper by 53 (fifty three). It is different from the iPhone app that I use (Brushes).
  • The things you can do are limited (It is primarily for notes). There is ink pen, pen, brush. Still exploring. So these are more like doodles rather than brush art.
  • Also, the pencil on iPad makes it a different experience. Art is much easier and much less messy. Big screen helps a lot. Don't have to zoom in all the time.

Listening to some of my favourite songs and doodling at the same time has become one of the interesting ways to use it, and is so relaxing and fun as well. Indulge me please (that is why this blog exists).

We don't need no thought control

Practising different ideas. Love the large space. Still a WIP

And Robots. Different shapes and sizes.

A twist. Will make the proper one, with Friday, I'm in love.

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